Enroll a Loved One

Thank you for your interest in Project Lifesaver Saskatoon.

Please note that to be considered for the program, the following criteria must be met

  • The participant must be accompanied by a caregiver 24 hours per day, 7 days per week;
  • The participant must not be involved in unescorted activities such as walks, shopping or medical appointments that would create increased opportunities for wandering;
  • The participant must not operate a vehicle;
  • The participant must be diagnosed by a qualified medical professional as having Alzheimer’s or other dementia, Autism, Down syndrome or other cognitive disorder
  • The participant must live within the city of Saskatoon

Individuals who live with a cognitive disorder and are at risk to wander or bolt, and those individuals whose high risk of wandering has been mitigated by effective supervision and home security measures, may be accepted into the Project Lifesaver program.

We invite interested caregivers to direct any questions to Project Lifesaver Saskatoon. If your loved one does not fit the above criteria, other options are available. Please contact us for more information. We will follow up with you to arrange a meeting to further discuss and answer questions.

Cost for the Project Lifesaver Program

Project Lifesaver Saskatoon does not want cost to be a limiting factor for persons concerned with the well-being of their loved one. Therefore, the equipment and services will be provided free of charge as long as Project Lifesaver Saskatoon has the funds to do so.

The equipment used in this program comes from Project Lifesaver International in Virginia. The present cost in Canadian dollars is $375 for the transmitter and approximately $50 per year for batteries and wristbands. Transmitters remain the property of Project Lifesaver Saskatoon. Clients are responsible for the replacement costs of the transmitter if it is lost or damaged.

Donations to Project Lifesaver Saskatoon are welcome and appreciated and can be made through Saskatoon Search and Rescue, which operates the program in Saskatoon. A charitable tax receipt will be issued.

Search and rescue services (i.e. searching for and/or rescuing lost or missing persons) are always provided at no charge.

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