Project Lifesaver Saskatoon is a program offered by Saskatoon Search and Rescue. Launched in 2018 by Saskatoon Search and Rescue, it is also supported by the Saskatoon Police Service Foundation and Saskatoon Police Service. Our mission is to protect highly vulnerable individuals who are at risk of getting lost or wandering off, such as those with dementia, autism spectrum, and other cognitive disorders.

How Project Lifesaver Saskatoon Operates:

  • Your loved one is first identified as being at risk to wander. This is based on an assessment by legal caregivers, medical professionals and representatives of Project Lifesaver Saskatoon. More information about client requirements is available on our Enroll a Loved One page.
  • They are then outfitted with a Personal Locator Unit (PLU) worn on their wrist or ankle. Personal locator units weigh one ounce, and are battery operated. They emit a silent radio frequency signal every second, 24 hours a day.
  • If your loved one goes missing, you will notify police and Saskatoon Search and Rescue will be contacted to respond.
  • When activated, Saskatoon Search and Rescue members will use a mobile directional radio frequency receiver to tune into the individual’s pre-programmed frequency.  Listening for the unique tracking signal will lead responders to the individual, whether they are stationary or mobile .
  • Your loved one is located and returned to you safely.IMG_7302

We would like to say there is a 100% guarantee; however, there is no such thing. Project Lifesaver does have the most successful record in the world. This has been accomplished through a combination of training, methods, procedures and the latest technology, which is tested often in real world situations. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that resources will be available for dispatch when the Missing Person call is received, or that the client will be located.

The best protection is to have adequate supervision and security precautions in the participant’s residence. In the event a search is required trained personnel with the latest equipment available, respond and conduct these searches, creating the best chance for a successful outcome.

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